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SELL-SIDE Sales & Divestitures

Selling a company is a complex transaction and a difficult business decision for most Owners. As a Merger and Acquisition specialist, we help our clients to rationalize and optimize the selling process. Mallard Partners will put the transaction marketplace into a clear perspective for the Seller to understand.

  • Early in the sales process, we analyze the business to be sold and advise the seller on an asking price range. A company's unique attributes and market position are important in evaluating the company and establishing a valuation.

  • The implications of selling to different types of buyers (Private Equity firms or Strategic aquirers) are discussed in great detail

  • Pricing strategies, structuring of the transaction and timing of the transaction are discussed and agreed upon.

  • Approaches and methods to minimize the day-to-day disruption to the Seller's operations are discussed in great detail.

  • Mallard Partners will address and handle all of the Buyers' questions and inquiries in order to free up the Seller's very important and very limited time resources.

  • Thorough guidance and advice is provided throughout the sales process from the beginning of the transaction all the way through to the date of the closing.

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